Massage therapy for shoulder pain

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Pain is exhausting and interferes with everything we do.  And, we use our arms for almost every activity and most movements, so if it happens to the arms, it happens to the shoulders, too.

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Whether or not we’re carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, shoulder pain gets us down in several  ways.  First, pain is pain and never fun.

Next, when shoulders are unstable, weak and painful, they pull our posture out of alignment and this creates a cascade of other effects, such as weakened abdominal muscles,  unhappy back muscles and a literal pain in the neck. After looking at the causes, we’ll cover shoulder pain treatments you can explore at home.

Causes of shoulder pain

According to physicians and physiotherapists, shoulder pain is the musculoskeletal condition that they see in their clinics, after low back and neck pain .

Due to the ball and socket joint system, the shoulders tend to be susceptible to injury because of the inherently unstable design of the shoulder system.  The shoulders are the most mobile joint in the body but the price of this broad range of mobility is instability and tendency toward injury and dislocation.

The shoulders are ready for reaching, throwing, lifting, pushing and all sorts of twists, turns and bending, but this leaves them primed for injury.

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