Nail buffing

  • The emery board nail file should not be used to buff the surface of the nails. They are meant only to shape them from the side.
  • The medium grit can be used to smooth ridges and surface irregularities. This can be done before applying nail polish or as a first step before finer buffing.
  • The fine-grained buff is used to smooth the nail to a matte surface.
  • The finest finishing grit gives the nails a glossy shine.Nail polishFingernails before and after application of red nail polish

    Female feet with pedicure and nail polish
    Nail polish (also known as nail varnish or nail enamel) is a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernail or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates. The formula has been revised repeatedly to enhance its decorative effects and to suppress cracking or peeling. Nail polish consists of a mix of an organic polymer and several other components that give it its unique color and texture. Nowadays nail polishes come in all shades of colors and play a significant part in manicures or pedicures.

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